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The Fringe Mime and Movement Laboratory (Mime Lab) was formally established in October 1987 by Philip Fok, the first dedicated mime artist in Hong Kong and student of Desmond Jones (who was pupil of Etienne Decroux and Jacques Lecoq).


The early members of Mime Lab were mainly graduates from the elementary and improvement mime courses organized by the extra-mural studies department of The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1986 and the following years. Mime Lab later organised its own training workshops. The Hong Kong Fringe Club has been providing invaluable venue and outreach support (note).


Thanks to the Hong Kong Fringe Club, Mime Lab has been privileged to work with renowned mimes/directors from overseas such as David Glass, Peta Lily and Jongyeoun Yoon.


Over the past 30 years, Mime Lab has been promoting and developing the art of mime in Hong Kong, while exploring how the western mime tradition can be enriched by crossover with Chinese culture. By end 2017, Mime Lab has already given more than 300 indoor and outdoor performances. They are of a great variety in nature - theatrical productions; street performances, in schools and charities, outreach activities with orchestras, and in commercial events. Mime Lab has also performed in the Hong Kong Fringe Festival, the Chuncheon International Mime Festival, the Seoul Fringe Festival, the Taipei Fringe Festival and the Macao Fringe Festival.



Note - The administration, finance and art direction of Mime Lab are independent from Hong Kong Fringe Club.





藝穗默劇實驗室( 實驗室)由香港首名專注於默劇的藝術家霍達昭先生在一九八七年十月創立,霍達昭師從傳承 艾蒂安. 德庫 及 賈克.樂寇 的 狄士文.鍾士 先生。



蒙藝穗會鼎力協助,實驗室得以受益於與海外知名的默劇家和導演如大衛 . 格拉斯、彼德 . 莉莉 和 尹鐘連 合作,為本地默劇注入新元素。


過去三十年,實驗室堅持在香港推廣及發展默劇藝術,同時致力探索如何結合中國文化於西方默劇傳統之中。直至二零一七年底, 實驗室已在戶內戶外演出超過三百場次,形式十分多樣化,包括劇場製作、街頭演出、為慈善社團和學校演出、管弦樂團外展活動和商業活動等。


實驗室更在香港藝穗節 、 韓國春川國際默劇節 、 首爾藝穗節 、台北藝穗節 和澳門藝穗節獻藝 。


註 : 實驗室的行政與藝術取向獨立於香港藝穗會 http://www.hkfringemime.com/

Owen Lee 李然貴



Danny Suen 孫國富

Artistic Director ​


Gaffer Tsui 崔家樂



Michael Wong 黃定邦

Member ​




Stephanie Tse



Carly Lai 賴方晴



Connie Leung 梁恩兒



Hadassah Li 李婉勤



Cindy Kwok 郭曉晴



Chiu Kar Man 趙嘉雯



Chan Pui Sze 陳佩詩



Matthew Hui 許綽綸



Zoe Cheung 張淑杏



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