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藝術總監    孫國富 Danny Suen

香港出生及成長。1988年隨霍達昭學習默劇,及後加入藝穗默劇實驗室,現為藝穗默劇實驗室 藝術總監。 過往為不同團體組織舉辦默劇工作坊,


Danny was born and grew up in Hong Kong. He has received mime training by Philip Fok since 1988. He has been an active member of Mime Lab, and he is now being the Artistic Director of the group.

Danny has been conducting mime workshop for various organizations throughout all these years. He believes that the in-depth reflection of meaning of life and its value of existence must be explored through good understanding of one's own body, and, furthermore, a person could achieve to percieve his or her individual uniqueness through the art of mime performance.

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