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time: 2019 may

venue: 上環文娛中心演講廳

Since 1987


深圳灣藝穗節2018    fringe festival 2018

time: 2018 dec

venue: fringe main stage

Infinite 8 + 非典型默劇x古典音樂

time: 2018 aug

venue: magic circle

The Death of fun 樂於嚇人

time: 2017 oct

venue: fringe underground theatre

director: peta lily

全日禁區 RE

time: 2017 sep

venue: fringe upstairs

director: gaffer tsui, michael wong

1/5000 Roses

time: 2017 april

venue: fringe upstairs

director: owen lee

Sisterhood,  day by day


time: 2016 april

venue: fringe underground

director: danny suen, gaffer tsui


Shall we mime 三人四Joke

time: 2015 april

venue: fringe upstairs

director: danny suen, owen lee and philip fok


UNO.Fantasia 一次性幻想

2015 january

venue: fringe upstairs

(dan.mime) owen Lee   

(once.Beauty) connie leung, stephanie tse (city.Illusions) gaffer tsui

(the sigh of choplin) danny suen

Unknown 女男女 不知所謂

time: 2014 august

director: gaffer tsui

Flower fading and born 花開花落

2013 august

director: gaffer Tsui

傻姑娘與怪老樹 The silly little girl and the funny old tree

2012 december (guangzhou) / 2012 october hong kong)

director: kim dae gun

愛在夢中遺忘時 Demolition

2011 october

director: danny suen


何去何從 Where am I going

2010 october

director: gaffer tsui


稻草人 Scarecrow

2009 sept

director: danny suen


細說情愛:林黛玉vs朱麗葉 A Dialogue on Love: Lin Dai Yu vs Juliet Capulet (Seoul Fringe Fes)

2009 august

director: owen lee


再試無妨 Why Not 1.0

2010 january


一試無妨、夢螫 Why Not  、 The Flashings (TaiPei Fringe Fes)

2009 august


一試無妨 Why Not (Cheonchun Mime Fes)

2009 may


一試無妨 Why Not ( Macau Fringe Fes)

2009 april

一試無妨、夢螫 Why Not 、The Flashings

2009 april


花木蘭 Mu Lan

2008 august


愚公移山 Once Upon a Time

2007 october


抱抱 Hug Hug

2006 april


冬 Winter

2005 november


一雞兩味 A feast in two Acts

2004 may


美麗人生─超值試做版 Beautiful Life - More than just tips

2004 nov


發你個夢 You've got a dream

2003 july


點心 A piece of Heart

2002 july


再發花癲 Eccentric Once More

2001 october


發花癲 Flirtatious

2000 march


王子十一月復仇記 Hamlet or Die

2000 november


西遊記 Journey to the West

1999 january


花之仙子 Spirit of Spring

1996 january


香港餅店 Hong Kong Cake Shop

1996 june, sept-dec


陰平陽秘 之 逍遙遊 Balance of Yin Yang - The Journey of Enlightment

1995 april



1994 april, nov


瘟疫 You Can Either Struggle or Die Off

1994 september


夢行 Mind Work

1993 january


默曙螢流 Blow Up

1992 july


Mime in Progress

1992 nov


鬼話連篇 Hauntlooween

1989 january


東西 E Meets W

1989 july


大約在冬季 Probably in Winter

1988 december

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