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Founder of Mime Lab Philip Fok - 創辦人霍達昭 


The Founder of Mime Lab Philip Fok star-crossed with Mime


This passion for a lifetime started in 1982 when Philip performed his self-taught Mime, the sentiments became hot in 1984 during his participation in the Hong Kong Fringe Festival and it also marked his partnership with the Hong Kong Fringe Club in Mime development. Philip did not hesitate to expand the boundary, in 1985 he got the British Council study grant to study Mime under Master Desmond Jones at his school in London; Philip conducted Mime Classes under the Chinese University of Hong Kong’s extra mural programme and at the Hong Kong Arts Centre between 1986 and 1992; in 1989 Philip was awarded the Fellowship of the Asian Cultural Council to study and observe Mime and movement theatre in New York and San Francisco. Philip also attended workshops conducted by Mime masters David Glass, Peta Lily, Nigel Jamieson and dramatic movement masters Tony Brown and Kris Margolis.


In 1987, Philip established Fringe Mime and Movement Laboratory (Mime Lab). Time really flies and now Mime Lab has become a huge family being called home by many, Philip probably has fun playing with his “kids” and “grandchildren”.


Apart from Mime training, Philip also received Western painting training by Mr Chui Yung-Sang Paul and Mr Wong Cheung Michael, and modern Chinese painting training by Mr Lui Shou Kwan (1969 to 1973).


In 1992, Philip Fok emigrated to Australia with the status of “Outstanding People – Mime Artist”. He has been the director of Fox Arts Studio and a broadcaster of 2CR Radio in Sydney since 1993.




1969-1973年 隨徐榕生先生、黃祥先生,習西洋畫。呂壽琨先生習現代水墨畫。

1982年 首演自學默劇。

1984年 參與香港藝穗節,與藝穗會成為以後推動香港默劇發展的伙伴。


1985年 取得英國文化協會助學金赴倫敦學習默劇。

1986-1992年 於中文大學校外課程、香港藝術中心設立默劇課程。

1987年 成立藝穗默劇實驗室。

1989年 取得亞洲文化協會獎學金往紐約及三藩市交流和學習默劇與現代藝術發展。

1992年 以「優材-默劇藝術家」資格移居澳洲。

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